Sir Liege Cavaliers is proud to offer our exceptional, proven master-stud to approved females. 

To Get Started,

1. Decide which breeding method is best for you and if you will want progesterone testing done on your Dam (highly recommended for best results). 

2. Complete our Stud Service Agreement.

3. We will email you the payment links to make your non-refundable booking deposit of $350 which is accepted via PayPal or Venmo. 

- Natural Breeding -

We will have you bring your Dam to us on day 9-10 of her heat cycle or when her bleeding starts lightening up. During her 25-45 minute visit, we will see how our stud reacts to her and if she seems interested in breeding naturally. Natural breeding will be entirely up to the Dam. If there is no tie during this visit, we will have you come back every other day until up to day 24 of her heat cycle. For best results, we recommend doing progesterone testing to know what days she will be ovulating (usually only a 1-3 day window). If she comes on her first day ovulating and natural breeding isn't successful, we can help her conceive via artificial insemination. The person bringing the Dam will be required to stay during her visits so they can witness conception. Dam will be required to be updated on all her shots including rabies and will need to come bathed before her visits. Our stud will also be up to date and bathed before each visit.

- Artificial Insemination -

If your Dam is too small or too large to breed naturally or just isn't interested in breeding naturally, we can help her conceive via artificial insemination. Progesterone testing is required to know what day she will be ovulating. We offer up to two AI procedures although one in most cases is all she will need. We can do the AI procedure for an additional $250 or you may also go through South Mountain Pet Care in Draper (a canine fertility clinic). 

- Progesterone Testing -

Progesterone testing is done to know exactly when your Dam will be ovulating. Progesterone testing will start on day 5 of your Dam's heat cycle. If progesterone levels are still low, we will schedule to do another test a couple days later. As soon as progesterone levels start doubling, we will do testing every other day and then daily when she's very close. We have someone that can come to your house to do the progesterone testing for $70 per visit. You can also go through South Mountain Pet Care to do your progesterone testing. 


- Shipping Semen -

We next-day ship all over the United States. Semen is frozen and viable for 48 hours from the time it is shipped for you to receive and chill. If needed we can also next-day chilled semen through South Mountain Pet Care which will be over nighted. A semen analysis will be included with all semen collections done through South Mountain Pet Care. 


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