We are so excited for you to be bringing home your new family member. To ensure you and your family are ready for the new addition, we've included a list of everything going home with your puppy, what to do before you pick up your puppy including food and vitamins to buy, vet care we will be doing before puppy goes home, vet care you'll be doing their first year and helpful training videos.                 

See you soon!

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- Take Home Kit -

To ensure your puppy has an easy transition in their new home, puppy will be going home with the following items:

 - AKC paperwork

 - Vet and shot records

 - their kennel they've been kennel trained in

 - puppy food kit from Royal Canin (food currently eating)

 - NuVet puppy vitamin kit

 - treats

 - chew toys

 - leash and collar

 - doggy blanket that smells like home.

- Getting Ready to Bring Puppy Home -

2-4 weeks ahead

 - Call your veterinarian to schedule your pups well check-up

 - Buy puppy food (currently eating Royal Canin)

 - Order your puppy vitamins (currently taking NuVet)

1 week ahead

 - Purchase bedding supplies, i.e. training pads, water, feeder, bedding, etc. 

- Vet Care by Us-

Your puppy will be up to date on all their vet appointments including deworming, 1st series of vaccines will be given, and a full vet exam of each puppy will be done from head to toe by a well respected and experienced veterinarian at my local animal hospital before leaving for his or her new home. 

- Vet Care by You-

Your puppy will need their next 2 sets of vaccines 3 1/2 to 4 weeks from their first set given (see vet report for date given) and if you choose you can also include a deworming during those visits. It is best for puppy to not have exposure to other dogs, parks, etc. until they've had their 3rd set of vaccines when they will be immune. If you did not pay for full breeding/showing rights, a copy of their spay/neuter verification is required and will be due by the time puppy is 17 weeks old. If you choose to remove their dew claws, that will be scheduled with the spay/neuter appointment. 

- Our Top Picks -

Puppy Food

Cavaliers can be picky eaters due to their sensitive stomachs. Royal Canin is a favorite for Cavaliers in our experience and also provides the nutrience they need to grow.




 - Training Video's -

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